Friday, June 19, 2009

now we play the waiting game...

So my beer has been primed and bottled. Now I just have to keep them in a cool place for about 10-14 days until they are ready to drink. The bottling process was pretty hectic, and I was pretty relieved when it was done.

As for commercial beer, I recently got my hands on Dogfish Head's 120 Minute Imperial IPA.

Wow. So incredibly hoppy, it was almost a struggle to get through one (Dogfish Head recommends you either sip through one 12 ounce bottle over the course of a night, or split it). It had an excellent taste and complexity, but it was so strong and bitter that I had to step away for a little. I would definitely recommend this beer to any hop-lover, just be careful, its 18% alcohol and only brewed 3 times a year. Enjoy!

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